the ultimate social selling strategy

The Ultimate Social Selling Strategy

December 06, 202210 min read



0:01 So we're all on social media, but are you using social media to its maximum capacity to grow your business, to build your brand and authority?

0:09 That's exactly what I'm gonna show you in today's video. How to use a proven social media strategy to grow your brand, your authority, and your sales with just a few minutes a day.

0:20 Hey there, I'm Jonathan Scott, owner of Scott Marketing Services, and in today's video I'm gonna show you exactly what I do in our business and our client's business to grow their brand authority and their sales using social media.

0:32 Now, what most people do is on social media is they'll go and they'll post something a couple times a a week and that's it.

0:42 Or they might go to their Facebook page and post a link to their website or to their blog post and that's it.

0:49 Well, there's so much behind the scenes that you can be implementing that these social media platforms provide for us that can really, really drastically grow your business and increase your brand authority.

1:03 And that's exactly what I wanna show you today. So there's two components here. We have our automated portion, and then we have our, kind of our daily maintenance tasks if you will.

1:14 So really I wanna start with the automated portion, because the automated portion is what's gonna help you kind of get get the ball rolling, kind of get people to follow you and kind of get people into your realm so they, they know your name and know your capabilities and where you can provide value for them.

1:30 So starting with a Facebook ad, inside that Facebook ad, you want to have something of value that you're given away.

1:36 So you want to, typically, the ultimate goal of your Facebook ad is to get them on your email list. Mm-hmm.

1:42. And typically you can do that by giving something of value away, whether it's a a cheat sheet, a you know, a white paper, a a case study something, anything you can think of, of value that's gonna be valuable to that end user that they can take and use either in their daily life or push them a little bit a step closer, you know, to contact you for that, to hire you for for the services that you provide.

2:07 So I kind of want to go over the process with you and talk about each element and how it will affect your overall social media campaign.

2:15 So starting with the Facebook ad, and this is what you can use to go kind of after cold traffic, people have never even heard of you before and them through the process into becoming a client of yours.

2:26 So using a Facebook ad, you wanna send them to a landing page or your website. Now I say landing page because with just website, you don't just wanna send them to the homepage.

2:36 You wanna send them to the specific page that they're gonna go to get the thing of value that you're giving away.

2:42 And this would be the page that they actually leave their email address in. And then once they leave their email address, then they're put onto your email list.

2:50 And that's what you can use to do the follow up process that we'll talk about here in a moment. So during this entire process though you'll have your Facebook pixel, these people coming through your ad, through your landing page and onto your lists will be put on specific Facebook pixel audiences, and we can use that to our advantage.

3:10 Here at a later moment I'll talk about why that's kind of important and we'll get into a, a different type of ad set here in a moment.

3:16 But this is kind of your automated portion. This is kind of set up that once you get it set up, you just let it run and it does its thing.

3:24 Now for your daily activities and I know a lot of times people just do posting on social media a couple times a week, but you really want to kind of get in the habit of posting valuable content on a daily basis.

3:38 We prefer video. Video is, is great to build that rapport. People see you, they hear your voice, you, you kind of get that no like and trust factor going especially when you start adding value to their lives and, and the the tips that you're, you're providing.

3:52 So you can kind of mix it in on your social media profiles with, you know, inspirational quotes or jokes or you know, appropriate jokes that are appropriate for your, your industry.

4:04 Mix it in with the value, but really the the key is, is providing that value so people know that, you know, you're the person to call when they're ready to hire someone for that particular service.

4:14 So daily video uploads to your social media profile videos don't have to be long. Two to five minutes, one to three minutes.

4:25 Just enough to give some valuable tips and information and move on. I mean, you don't have to do a long extensive, you know, video upload.

4:33 Just want to provide, you know, some, some quick tips and information once you have that. Doing the video. You know, let's, let's say it's five minutes.

4:42 So let's say five minutes a day. You're providing a valuable tip. You can do this on your drive to work to the office.

4:50 You can do this you know, in the backyard where you're hanging out with the kids. I mean, you can do this wherever you can find five minutes throughout the day.

4:58 So don't gimme the excuse you don't have time for this cuz everyone has time for this. And if you don't, you can get someone in your staff to kind of set this up for you.

5:08 So we'll talk about that here in a moment. So let's say a five minute video that you're gonna upload daily, providing a tip.

5:14 Now you can take that one piece of content and syndicate it to all your different social media platforms that people are gonna be following you on.

5:22 You can send it to your Facebook, your Instagram float it to YouTube, you can put it on LinkedIn, Twitter, you can put it on your blog, on your website.

5:29 All these different places where you can syndicate that one piece of content, that valuable content. So now you're not, you know, you're doing this, this valuable content once and syndicate it to these different places where people can reach you.

5:42 And especially on your blog, if you're putting it onto your website, then you can start building up that seo, that search engine and optimization opportunities for your company.

5:51 So people, there's all different ways of pulling people in and traffic to your, your, to your brand and to your business.

5:59 So, but really the overall process that you want to do is once you have it upload to your social media pro profiles.

6:07 Once you have it up to uploaded to your YouTube, send out an email to your email list and say, Hey, I just put up a, you know, a valuable piece of content.

6:16 They'll check it out and then inside that email, link it to your YouTube channel. So now you want to have, so now you're providing value to the people that are on your email list.

6:25 And of course, inside those email lists or inside those emails, you can have links going to your different social media profiles.

6:32 So anyone that's on your email list will go and follow you depending on, you know, where they feel comfortable following you at or where they may or may not have a profile, they can follow you there.

6:43 So the best thing about this entire process, and a lot of people may even just stop there, is when you're giving value, and especially when you're sending out emails to your email list, you don't want to use this for selling, you don't want to have your value video be an actual sales video.

7:01 You want to save that for a different segment in that next step of the process. So you just want to do valuable things here.

7:08 And then you want to have your Facebook audience pixel that's tracking this information. Then you want to send out ads to your different Facebook audience because when you post your value vi vi valuable vi video to Facebook, excuse me, or to Instagram because Facebook owns Instagram your Facebook pixel is tracking all of this information.

7:32 So Facebook knows if people are engaging, if they're liking, if they're comment, whatever type of engagement they're having on each individual video, you can set up ads to target people that are engaging with your content.

7:46 So not only are they getting valuable information and they're becoming warm to you, your brand and your message, but now you can use re-marketing ads to target people that are engaging with your content.

7:59 And this is where you want to do your selling. You don't want to do, you know, like I said, have selling in your emails or on really on your social media profiles.

8:07 You want to do your selling in your re-marketing ads. Why that's important. When the people are on these platforms, they're gonna see ads anyway.

8:16 So you might as well make it yourself and it's a perfect opportunity to present a sales proposition, whether it's some type of limited time offer for a service or a special deal or, you know, come in for a free consultation.

8:28 It's great to post put that sales position in your re-marketing ads because they're already warm to you, they've already gone through this, this system in your process and they've become more and more warm to you by absorbing, engaging with your content.

8:43 So I hope all of this is making sense to you. I know I've thrown a lot of information at you, but really if you break it down, your job is really just the five minutes a day or less to create the valuable content because anything outside of that, you can hand it off to someone else.

9:00 So I really hope you implement this strategy because this right here is something that you can put out into the world that's gonna pay dividends a week, a month, a year, two years from now.

9:12 This information's gonna be out there. Those tips are gonna be helping people. And when people start coming into your different avenues and coming into your business, they see the value that you're gonna be adding to them and they know exactly who they're gonna call when they need your product or service.

9:26 So I hope you found this information valuable. If you have any questions or, or anything else, please leave a comment below.

9:32 If you like this content, hit the like button, hit the heart wherever you're watching this at. And if you have any further questions, you know, feel free to reach out to us.

9:40 We'll be happy to talk to you. So I hope you get this implemented into your business today. And I hope you found this valuable and I'll talk to you guys soon.

9:49 Take care. Have a good day.

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